Dream a little, take a chance, make a change
— Kate Payne

Growing up in Los Angeles during the wonderful decades of the 60’s and 70’s I was encouraged to find creative ways of expressing myself.

I was raised in foster care and it came with a solid foundation of faith and art. I served in the U.S. Army for 18 years leaving before formally retiring because I divorced and needed to “Dream a little, take a chance, make a change.”

I am a partially disabled veteran with anxiety and PTSD but it disappears when I'm able to be creative. I raised 3 artistic, versatile and good kids, I’m a wife and friend. I have had great loves and great losses just like you.

I was interested in photography from an early age, but only began seeing it as something I wanted to and had the time to learn about 11 years ago. I've focused my career doing corporate work to pay the bills and I went to college graduating with honors in my 5th decade of life.

My interest in portraiture began when I was learning the basics of photography. At the very beginning I found photographing people the hardest because you have very little time to build a connection but as you can see, I don't shy away from challenges.

My favorite part about being a photographer is highlighting the human condition. By expressing emotions in a photograph it is true some of my images are dark and sad, some are happy and vibrant, many are romantic or sexy. They are artful, intuitive and thought provoking and always try to give you something to think about.