I enjoy doing personal projects in collaboration with other like minded folks.

The session is $150 and you receive 3 low resolution digital images. Additional images are $50 each. Timeline is: If being submitted the timeline varies, otherwise it is 2-4 weeks.

Additional images are $50 each. Prints are 30% off my regular pricing.

Hair/Makeup referrals vary from $75-$150 based on availability. Wardrobe can be provided for a budget of $50+. - I source from multiple locations to find the perfect outfit(s) and accessories. We can raid our closets too! We beg, borrow and buy :-)

This is a labor of love, so what I can offer is a better price point and often include professional hair and makeup however if you have excellent fashion and hair / makeup skills fabulous, that helps your budget!

A contract is signed, I do not give rights to the images meaning you cannot edit, apply filter on them or sell them.


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